Directional Aspects of Horizontal and Sidetrack Drilling

Directional Aspects of Horizontal and Sidetrack Drilling: DRL003-5 Days


Drilling engineer, completion engineers and Drilling technical support personnel



This training course will increase the participants understanding of the operations carried out by directional drillers and how directional and horizontal wells are planned and optimized. The basic applications and techniques for multilateral wells will be covered and participants will receive instructions on planning and evaluating horizontal wells based on the objectives of the horizontal well, and how to perform the proper planning for directional and horizontal well. In addition, this training course will cover how to predict wellbore path based on offset data and determine the requirements to reach the target as Planned, and help solve related problems.

This training course will feature:

  • How to identify candidate wells for horizontal drilling, design horizontal and multilateral well profiles
  • Understanding single and double build curve
  • Calculating torque and drag
  • Understanding kick off methods, compile a drilling program and estimate wellbore stability mud weights.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret TVD, polar, rectangular coordinates, dogleg severity and the problems associated with it
  • Interpret torque and drag and what factors affect those in the drilling process
  • Understand main concepts associated to well path planning
  • Recommend suitable measures to mitigate operational issues related to directional and horizontal drilling.
  • Organization will gain; from attend this particular training course, the following:
  • Achieving the optimum design of well, and avoiding the risk
  • Extending the well life and control it
  • Ensuring the well integrity in all stages
  • Obtain integrating knowledge to mitigate and eliminate the drilling problems
  • Hone their knowledge and get the self-confidence for doing the proper well design, in addition, how to eliminate all kinds of problems


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