Performance Drilling

Performance Drilling: DRL007 – 5 Days


Drilling Engineers, Drilling Superintendents, Drillers, Well side Drilling Engineers.



Vertical wells can get expensive due to several factors, some are out of our control but others are with our control. This course teaches the participants how to identify those factors that are with our control and how to reduce their impact on the overall cost of the well. The biggest factor is the ROP and this where participants will learn how to select the right technologies that can drill faster with the fewer problems to arrive at better well economics. Participants will learn how to analyses cost, how identify hidden costs, learn what motor and bit technologies are available out there that can help improve ROP, learn how to optimize operating parameters to increase ROP, and how to measure the well performance and how to improve future wells.     


Learning Objectives

Learn how to select and utilize the right motor and bit combination to increase Rate of Penetration (ROP) to directly reduce overall cost of vertical wells. Learn how assess the impact of hidden costs on your well overall cost.

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